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Eight Elements of Effective Meetings

As we head into Spring (and the same thing happens in the Fall), we are facing meetings in every area of our lives! If you are leading groups of volunteers, there is likely a window of a few months in the Spring and Fall that are meeting heavy. When we are trying to get people …

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Coalition Engagement Skill #10: Find win-win opportunities

One of the most effective ways to engage your coalition members is to find opportunities that interest them and the coalition. When the work benefits the purpose of the coalition and the individual member, everyone wins! Join me this week as I recommend three ways to pursue win-win opportunities for your coalition.

Coalition Engagement Skill #9: Communicate Clearly and Consistently

Communication is the foundation of coalition work. Even though our coalition members may be overwhelmed by emails and weary from meetings, we have to find ways to communicate clearly and consistently. If there is occasional communication with only a few coalition members, the overall coalition will lose interest and struggle with engagement. Join me this week …

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Coalition Engagement Skill #8: Conduct effective meetings

If you are leading a coalition, partnership, team or board, you are also leading lots of meetings. Effective meetings create opportunities for engagement and potential for follow-through. However, effective meetings don’t just “happen.” You have to invest time, energy and resources to prepare, host and follow-up to successfully conduct “effective” meetings.  Join me this week …

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Effective Meetings: Follow-up

You can have an effective meeting that has a defined purpose, the right people and the right schedule; however, if you do not follow-up, the meeting loses its overall effectiveness. We often put so much effort in planning and leading our meetings that we can become weary when it comes to follow-up. You may be …

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Effective Meetings: The Schedule

How often do you meet? Do you meet in person or virtually? How do you know? One of the most challenging aspects related to leading partnerships and coalitions is determining an appropriate meeting schedule. You want to keep your members engaged and working together well. You don’t want to overburden yourself or your members by …

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Effective meetings: The People

As coalition leaders, we can become concerned that we are leaving people out and have a tendency to want to invite everyone to every meeting. While this may be important if the primary purpose of your meeting is networking and coordination, this can be really challenging if the purpose is more narrowly defined. How do …

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Effective meetings: The purpose

We have spent the last 15 weeks on facilitation and are transitioning for the next four weeks to “effective meetings”. Facilitation and effective meetings are very linked. As a matter of fact, in order to have an effective meeting, you must have effective facilitation. However, facilitation alone will not make your meeting effective. This week …

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