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What are the stages of coalition development?

Have you ever been in a coalition where you were not sure why you were there or what you were going to do? Have you been in a coalition that was clearly focused and seemed to be functioning smoothly? Coalitions, like other groups (think Tuckman’s stages of group development) have stages of development. And the […]

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What is a coalition?

In the public health world, the word “coalition” is pretty common. When I try to describe my work to others, I often get confused looks and questions about what I mean by “coalition.” Without realizing it, many of us may be involved in coalitions but we don’t necessarily call them  “coalitions.” If you have ever

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Why don’t I just do it all myself?

In our coalition work, there are a ton of big and little details involved in building partnerships, developing plans, reporting on progress, maintaining progress. From meeting planning (which has at least 25 tasks in itself) to prioritizing, strategizing, implementing and evaluation, there is a lot. And if you have been doing this work for a

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When your ideal week is less than ideal

Similar to new year’s resolutions, beginning the year with an ideal week can be an energizing, exciting and expectation-filled process. We block time to focus, develop boundaries on work and non-work activities and are excited to implement this new method of managing our time. Then, we hit the third or fourth week of January –

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Remembering our coalition friends

The beauty of our coalition work is that we get to work with people. The people we work with are partners, colleagues and often become dear friends. We learn from them, we learn about them and we treasure the gift of them in our lives. Our partners, colleagues and friends make the coalition work less

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