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Coalition Engagement Skill #10: Find win-win opportunities

One of the most effective ways to engage your coalition members is to find opportunities that interest them and the coalition. When the work benefits the purpose of the coalition and the individual member, everyone wins! Join me this week as I recommend three ways to pursue win-win opportunities for your coalition.

Be clear about your purpose

Invest time getting to know your unique purpose as a coalition. It is SO easy to keep doing what you have always done and assuming everyone knows why you are doing it. Also, be clear about your role as a coalition. What do you do? What don’t you do?

Know your coalition members

Ask questions. Listen closely to what is important to your coalition members. Take notes. When you know your coalition members, you will be able to recognize what kinds of opportunities may be a good fit for them.  Michael Hyatt and team have developed a resource known as the “Freedom Compass.” One of the zones in this compass is the “desire zone” where you are working in areas that combine your interests with your skills. If you have some coalition members (and staff!) who are always following-through and doing high-quality work, they are probably working in their “desire zone.” Alternatively, if you are struggling with engagement, you may be trying to ask people to do work that is not part of their “desire zone.”

Make Connections

Connect your clear purpose and role as a coalition with specific roles you know would interest your coalition members. Apply Stephen Covey’s principle, Think Win-winⓇ.  The more you can connect your coalition members to roles in their “desire zone,” the more likely they will be to engage and follow-through. You also may connect some coalition members to other coalitions. Your coalition’s purpose may no longer align with their interests – and that is ok! When you are willing to make connections that benefit your coalition members, you will have a more engaged coalition.

So, what about you? What do you do to find win-win opportunities for your coalition members? Or your staff?

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