I just launched two brand new premium courses to help you better engage with your coalition!

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Stop Reinventing the Wheel

How many times have you heard someone ask you to “build a coalition” or “develop a partnership” or create “an advisory board”? And how often do they provide guidance on how to actually do that? I’ve created Coalition Catalyst™, a four-step framework that gives you practical guidance that you can use right now in your coalition, partnership, board, council or team.





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Resources to Help You Thrive

Free Worksheets

Check out these free worksheets that you can use with your coalition. They include checklists, reflection questions, tools and templates that you can use right now with your coalition.

Master Classes

Masterclasses provide in-depth guidance related to coalition and partnership building. These interactive sessions include practical skills and a forum for discussion.


From quick 15 minute courses to 12 week deep dives, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over 20 years of Coalition building to help you engage with your coalition in new and powerful ways.

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Featured Master Class

Who is doing what in your coalition?

One of the benefits of coalitions is that you can do more together than you could on your own. One of the greatest challenges is figuring out who is actually doing what in the coalition. For strategies to address this challenge, watch a replay of my Free LIVE Masterclass Who is doing what in your coalition!

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"Her insight and knowledge of how coalitions work was invaluable, and I would recommend her to others who are struggling to bring their coalition to the next level..."
- Tamara Robinson, Program Director, Nebraska Cancer Coalition


You are convening a coalition with limited time and resources. Although you are excited about what is possible when you work together, you are struggling with actually getting people to work together. You may be brand new to coalition building or have been leading coalitions for a long time and are needing some new ideas.


You believe in your mission and are ready to change the world. Board engagement is one of your top priorities. You may have a very small staff and are trying to figure out what is realistic or you may have a large staff and are trying to balance competing priorities.


You are responsible for nurturing busy volunteers in a meaningful way. When you talk with volunteers, they are excited about participating but struggle with following through.  You may be working in a church setting or in a community-based organization.

In other words, if you work with volunteers at all…

Jennifer can help you re-invigorate
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