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What do I want to be about the same this year?

While a new year often brings new ideas, energy, perspectives and a list of “things to change.” Not everything always needs to change. You may have done some incredible work last year in areas of your life that you would like to remain the same. Perhaps you let yourself go to bed when you were tired instead of trying to stay up to be more productive, or maybe you created a walking or exercise routine that you want to keep up. You may have created your ideal week and want to keep implementing that in the new year. As we have finished the first month of 2023, you may have things that you want to keep the same from January or even the end of 2022. One of those areas may be continuing to consider the four questions I posed at the beginning of this blog series. Today, join me for three questions to help you reflect upon the last question and decide what you want to stay the same this year.

What has been working well?

One of my favorite weekly rituals that I began in 2022 and am keeping the same in 2023 is Friday morning thinking and journaling time. During this time, I often take a walk, drink some warm lemon water and reflect upon the week.  Once I have spent time reflecting, I take time to write my thoughts, “aha” moments and gain clarity in the areas that we have been discussing the past several weeks. What is mine to own? What do I want more of? What do I want less of? And What do I want to stay about the same?  I encourage you to find a time that works for you to reflect upon what is working well. You may want to make notes each day, reflect once a week or spend some time once a month considering what is working well. If something is working well, then this is likely an area you want to keep the same.

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What brings you energy?

When you consider times in your day or week when you are energized and feel refreshed, what is connected to those times? In many areas of my work-life, my role is to serve as a facilitator or emcee for meetings, trainings, learning collaboratives and other events. Last week, I had the opportunity to serve in this role on two occasions and I was energized by the work. While there are some aspects of preparing for this that I would like to change, the actual facilitation work is definitely something that I would like to keep the same. I encourage you to practice reflecting on those areas that bring you energy that you are already doing. How can you keep doing more of that this year?

What makes you smile?

For the past year (or more), I kept having dear friends comment on how much they love watching Ted Lasso and encouraging me to watch it as well. Since becoming a mom of a young child, I have missed out on all kinds of TV, which honestly is probably a good thing overall! 🙂 At the end of 2022, I decided to start watching Ted Lasso while doing dishes and the show has definitely made me smile. I think I’m also smiling because I am taking a little time for myself to do something fun in the midst of doing the every-day life stuff that is not so fun. Another area that makes me smile is biking and walking home from school with my daughter. Although the weather has been a bit chilly lately, we enjoy this special time and I am definitely smiling as I think about our adventures. Once again, as you reflect upon what makes you smile, this may be part of your work-life or may be part of another domain of your life that is also very important! Notice when you are smiling over the next week and see what connections you can make to the things you want to be about the same this year!

As you reflect on 2022 and the first month of 2023, I encourage you to keep up the things in your life that are working well and not to get burdened by having to move forward to new things in every area of life!

So what about you? What are some things that you know you want to stay the same this year?

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