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Key #10: Keep moving forward even if not everyone contributes

When you ask for feedback or make a request, do you keep waiting hoping that a few more people respond? Do you set a deadline, then let it pass and set another one hoping that a little more time will help? Although you may be concerned that you are leaving people out, one of the most important things to do to set up future accountability is to keep moving forward even if not everyone contributes.  Join me this week as I highlight three reasons why it makes sense to keep moving forward with who did contribute.

Shows respect to those who did contribute

By moving forward, we are setting the example that we appreciate and honor the time, energy and effort of those who did contribute. This can also be applied to those who show up to your meetings on time. When you begin the meeting on time, you are honoring the time of those who are there and ready to engage.

Creates “FOMO”

The fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a powerful way to inspire future accountability. Although it may be slightly uncomfortable if some of your most vocal coalition members miss out and then express their displeasure to you, they will be much more likely to participate in future requests for feedback. 

Supports a culture of accountability

When we continue to wait on one or two people to respond, this prevents us from taking action and we lose momentum with our coalition, partnership, team or council. If we practice moving forward even though not everyone has contributed, we will start to change the culture of our coalition. If our members realize that we will keep moving forward, they may miss out the first one or two times, but they will not want to miss out in the future.

Which project do you need to move forward on this week in order to inspire accountability – even though not everyone has contributed?

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