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Key #9: Include action items and names in the body of the email

How many emails with attachments get opened quickly? When we have one more click to take it is often something that we will look at later. But do we actually open it up later or does it end up at the bottom of our inbox? One very simple practical approach to supporting accountability is to include action items and names in the body of the email. Join me this week while I provide three reasons why this simple tactic helps with coalition accountability.

Makes it easy to see what is expected

Since most of us are overwhelmed by emails, when we put the action items and names in the body of the email, we make it really easy for everyone to see what is expected. If we take an extra step of either bolding or color-coding the names, the email stands out even more. Also, when you put the action items and names in the email, ensure they are at the beginning of the email. These simple practices make it easy to see what is expected whether someone opens the email on their computer, phone or tablet. If you want some examples on how this looks, check out my free resource 10 Keys to Accountability.

Doesn’t require an extra click to open

When we are working with busy volunteers, an extra “click” can be the difference between action and inaction. If our business community is consistently attempting to make it easy to buy a product (e.g. Amazon one-click), then we can apply that principle to our coalition, partnership or council work.

Keeps people reading your emails

By making your emails simple, clear and easy to act upon, you will keep people reading your emails. If your emails are consistently long and require additional work to understand, your volunteers may read the first section of the email but never make it to the action items that are relevant to them. Also, when you “train” your coalition to expect the follow-up to be really simple and clear at the beginning of your emails, you impact the culture of your coalition. This culture shift inspires accountability and action.

How are you going to structure your follow-up emails to make the action items clearly visible? 

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