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Key #5: Send individual emails

If you are trying to inspire accountability, one of the best ways to do it is to make it personal. When we are personally asked to participate, provide feedback or follow through with what we say we are going to do, we are more likely to do it. Early in my coalition-building career, I remember sending large group emails and struggling because no one responded. Then, I changed my plan and developed a template, copied/pasted the text, tweaked a little and added a person’s name. Wow…the response rate was incredible! Join me this week as I provide three reasons that sending individualized emails helps with accountability.

It stands out

When we send a message to a group, it’s easy to assume that someone else will respond. If it’s personal, it stands out. Since most of us get more emails than we can adequately manage in a day, we need a message to stand out in order for it to be read. While it takes less time to send a large group message, when you personalize the message, you create more engagement that supports accountability.  

Creates connection

When we connect with the person, we build and strengthen the relationship. As I have shared many times, coalition work is all about relationships. Even though someone represents an organization, you cannot have a relationship with an organization. Your relationship is with the person who represents the organization. When you create connections and build relationships, you make accountability easier for everyone.

Shows value to the person

Sending a personal message demonstrates value for that person. When you take the extra time to send a message tailored to a person, it makes someone feel important. You also send a clear message that you would like input from that person. When someone feels valued, they are more likely to take the time to respond to your request or participate in your coalition.

How are you going to practice sending personalized messages this week?

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