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Clarifying the role of the coalition

Before you can get clear on the roles of those involved in the coalition, it’s important to get clear on the primary role(s) of the coalition. What is it that you really do? What is it that you don’t do? Once you have this level of clarity, then you can develop roles and responsibilities for your staff, leaders and members that align with this overall role(s).  Join me this week as I provide three steps you can take to clarify the role of the coalition. These steps can also apply as you get clarity on the role of your teams, committees, workgroups or networks.

Clarify your purpose

Review your mission, vision or values statement(s). Take time to reflect on why you exist, who you serve, what you do and how you do it. Write your purpose in one sentence. For additional ideas, see my previous post on how to be clear about your purpose. Do this for your coalition overall as well as each team, committee, workgroup or network.

Brainstorm role ideas

Ask each staff member to brainstorm role ideas based on the purpose. If you have engaged leaders, invite them to also brainstorm role ideas. This can be particularly helpful if you have leaders from different teams or workgroups.

Determine roles

Host a meeting to discuss and narrow the role ideas. If possible, consider three to five key roles that best define the work of the coalition. 

Once you know the key roles for your coalition, you can then start clarifying roles for your staff, leaders and coalition members. We will address these in upcoming blog posts!

So what about you? What is the next step you will take to get more clear on your coalition’s role?

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