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While I know that many of us have grown a bit weary with video and online meetings right now, depending upon your meeting purpose, they can still help us work together in similar ways to being in the same room. One of the aspects that helps the most with a productive online meeting is sharing your screen! Join me this week as I highlight 3 reasons it makes sense to share your screen.

  1. Focus. As we have discussed previously and you have likely experienced, the number of distractions in online meetings can be overwhelming. If we are relying on folks to remember why we are meeting and don’t have them looking at the same document together, it can be really easy to get distracted and sidetracked from the original meeting purpose or from the topic being discussed. If you want to really focus on conversation around a topic and see one another well, you can share your screen, then stop sharing for discussion and then share again.
  2. Note-taking. While some folks can be really uncomfortable taking notes “live,” it helps the conversation move forward and ensure that the key decisions and action items are seen and supported by the group. It also can help you organize the notes and send them out quickly after the meeting which helps with accountability and follow-up after the meeting.
  3. Engagement. If we are sharing our screen, taking notes and asking questions on the screen, it can help participants engage in the meeting discussion more actively. When you can all see the same screen, you can prompt questions via chat or polling and you can also “check in” with meeting participants to see if they agree or disagree with the discussion. You can also ask if they have anything else to add/contribute to what is being shared.  It gives them something to react to during the meeting which promotes engagement!

So what about you? How have you found sharing your screen helpful? Or when has sharing your screen been challenging?

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Photo by Andy Orin on Unsplash

If you or someone you know would like to stay up-to-date on my weekly blog posts, subscribe today!

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