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Prioritize activities that you both enjoy and are good at doing.

In our coalition and team work, we can get caught up doing things that need to be done without considering whether we need to be the one doing them or not. We may have a meeting or a project with a long list of tasks and a short list of people to do them. Although we CAN do many of these, are they really the things we need to be doing? Or are we adding more stress and overwhelm by trying to do it all?  One of the ways to regain rhythm again is to focus on the kinds of things that we both enjoy doing and are good at doing.  When we prioritize this type of work, we are focused on greatest passions and strengths and everyone wins! Join me this week for three steps you can take toward prioritizing activities that you both enjoy and are good at doing!

Make a list.

Take time to look at your calendar, your to-do list or other ways you track your activities and consider how you are spending your time. One of the ideas that I learned from Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt is to make a list of everything you are doing and then assign them into categories. The category that is both what you really enjoy and are good at is considered the “Desire ZoneTM”. You may want to use a journal or an online document where you can start your list and then add to it as you think of new things or as you are doing things that fit with this work.  As you consider your time and your list, I encourage you to incorporate both work and non-work items on the list. Sometimes we may feel like we just “have” to do all the stuff at home even though it is not what we enjoy or are good at doing. Once we see it all, we may have new ideas that can support us in every area of life!

Consider your time.

One of the benefits of making a list of everything is that you can see what kinds of things you are doing (and perhaps not doing) in one place. Once you have this list, and you take time to pause, you can reflect on the types of tasks that take your time and whether or not those are the types of things you both enjoy and are good at doing. If most of your time is spent on things that drain your energy, then you will gain clarity on why you are often weary and feeling overwhelmed. Conversely, if you are spending most of your time in areas that bring you energy and you are feeling accomplished and excited about your work, then you are likely living in a good rhythm. This can also apply to your home and non-work areas as well. If your non-work time always feels like work because you are spending a ton of energy on areas that you do not enjoy and are not good at doing, consider re-thinking some of the tasks and who else may be able to support you in those areas.

Make some changes.

As you have reflected on your time and energy, what needs to be true so that you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy and are good at doing? Do you need to discuss with your team, re-assign tasks, train new people, re-work budgets, identify contractors, empower volunteers or perhaps even discontinue some of the things you have been doing? This may be an opportunity to engage others in supporting your household as well. You may include more of your family members in the daily/weekly tasks or you may want to hire people to come help with some of those areas that are the most draining and keep you from spending time doing what you love with those you love. One of the Business Accelerator podcast episodes this concept to our personal lives.

Once you apply these concepts and make these changes, you will move toward regaining your rhythm and having more energy because you are working on things you are good at and enjoy. Your coalition, board, partnership, council, team, family and friends benefit from you spending time on the things you are best at doing and really enjoy!

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