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Key #2: Identify win-win opportunities

When you are asking someone to do something that helps them achieve their own goals and interests, you are MUCH more likely to get them to follow-through. Rather than one more thing to put on the to-do list – one thing checks two boxes! Woohoo!  This may be the MOST effective way to inspire accountability in your coalition. Join me this week as I highlight three ways to identify win-win opportunities.

Know what is important to them

Ask questions and listen to the answers. When you host a meeting, include time for discussion and feedback in small groups. If possible, conduct one-on-one meetings with your coalition members to ask a series of questions in order to learn what is important to them. If you want more resources on this topic, consider a spot in Coalition Catalyst. This is my online course to help coalition leaders engage busy volunteers and the first part focuses on specific “assessment” strategies.

Know what is important to you

What are your priorities? Where do you need specific support that your coalition members could provide? Although it can be easy to try to do everything, it is important for you – and your coalition – that you focus on a few things at time.  Take the time to figure out what is important to you and where you need support. If you would like more support in this area, I encourage you to check out my Masterclass recording, Clarity in Your Coalition.

Make the connection

One of the most important roles of a coalition leader is to be a “connector.” You can increase engagement and follow-through by making connections in areas that are “win-win” opportunities. Sometimes, you will connect people so that they can work together. Other times, you will be inviting them to join you in a specific way. When you can invite your members to take specific actions that are mutually beneficial, accountability is much easier!

So what about you? What are you going to do to identify win-win opportunities?

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