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Our Energy: High Vibe vs. Low Vibe

Have you thought about your energy lately? Or the energy around you? Do you leave meetings feeling completely drained and exhausted or do you leave meetings energized and ready to take action?  This post is focused on the concept of“high-vibe” vs. “low-vibe.” Join me this week as I describe the difference and challenge you to think about yourself and those around you!

I recently had tea with a good friend and she told me that she decided that she was only focusing her time and contributions with teams that had mostly “high-vibe” people.  She explained that “high-vibe” people left her feeling energized and excited to take on the next project while “low-vibe” people left her feeling drained and exhausted. I realized this concept was extremely important for team, coalition and non-profit leaders!  So, what does this really mean in practice?

  • High-vibe”: These are people who facilitate a meeting effectively and bring out the best in others. High-vibe people exhibit positive energy and interactions with others. They are willing to see challenges as opportunities and are encouraging to others. They demonstrate empathy and are often the ones who make other people laugh in a meeting.  They see what is possible and are open to other people’s perspectives.
  • “Low-vibe”: These are people who always see the problem in every idea. They are quick to criticize and judge others. They tend to be condescending and think that they are the only ones who know what is best. They tend to be discouraging and pessimistic.  They have legitimate concerns; however, their delivery is often so negative that no one really wants to pay attention to what they are saying.
  • Reflection: Are you mostly high-vibe or low-vibe? Are your teams and coalitions filled with mostly high-vibe or low-vibe people?  The emotional intelligence concepts of self-awareness and social awareness are extremely important here. I encourage you to take some time this week to really reflect on yourself and your teams. Are you mostly high-vibe or low-vibe?  What about your teams?
  • Redirection: Once you have reflected, then it’s time to take action. If you think you are mostly low-vibe, I encourage you to find a “high-vibe” friend or mentor and ask them for insight and feedback on how they exhibit positive energy when leading teams.  If you are mostly “high-vibe,” consider how you can use this positive energy to impact your team positively. How can you facilitate conversations – and people – in a way to foster high-vibe energy and productivity? Can you help redirect meetings that have a tendency to become draining and exhausting into meetings that can be positive and productive? Also, perhaps it’s time to reflect on where you are spending your time. If you are participating in teams with mostly “low-vibe” leaders, maybe it’s time to reconsider your efforts! If you are about to hire a new staff person, ask questions and observe whether they are “high-vibe” or “low-vibe.” This could make a huge difference in your team!

So what about you? How can you become more “high-vibe” this week? How can you help your teams and meetings become more “high-vibe?”

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Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

If you or someone you know would like to stay up-to-date on my weekly blog posts, subscribe today!

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