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3 Reasons to read again for fun!

When I was a student, I kept commenting on how excited I was to be out of school so I could read whatever I wanted again.  I must confess that even I have good intentions, I often find many other things to do rather than read, and can be particularly distracted by my phone…Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text messages and more. This year, I set a 2018 reading goal, and have already experienced some benefits. Although I don’t think we will be able to win any personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut (does anyone else remember this?!), join me in reading again for FUN. Here are a few reasons why…

Reading for fun can be:

  1. Relaxing.  When we pick up a book – particularly a real paper book – our minds and bodies start to relax. We can focus in a new way. Stress that seems overwhelming is reduced. We can experience more peace and rest.  It works for my daughter as well. She is only 14 months old, but a book can already be particularly calming. I don’t know about you, but when I have spent some time reading quietly, I don’t seem to be as easily annoyed or irritated by the things around me that don’t go the way I would like them to go. 🙂
  2. Energizing.  Now I know you may be thinking that this is counter-intuitive to the “relaxing” point I just highlighted; however, I find that after reading, my mind is energized and less cluttered. Reading helps us think a little more clearly, more creatively and gives us a little more energy to take on our next work project or meeting.  Our energy can also be “contagious” as we engage in conversations and discussions related to what we are reading with our colleagues, friends or family members.
  3. Intellectually Stimulating. We open our minds to learn new things in new ways.  We are able to find ways to apply what we are reading to our daily lives, regardless of whether we are reading fiction or non-fiction. We may find ways to solve some of our most complicated problems even the book content is unrelated to our problem. We increase our vocabulary and improve our ability to read overall.

There are so many other reasons to read for fun.  I know that you all can probably add several things to my list.

So, What about you?  What other benefits do YOU find in reading for fun?

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

If you or someone you know would like to stay up-to-date on my weekly blog posts, subscribe today!

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